Best Restaurants in Block Island

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best restaurants in block island

Block Island RI does not only offer beautiful lodging and accommodations, but also delicious restaurants. You will find all types of cuisine including French, Italian, Asian, and Mexican menus.

Restaurants in Block Island

Winfield’s offers a sophisticated and flavorful menu influenced by French, Italian, American and Asian cuisines, featuring fresh, local vegetables and farm-raised beef and poultry. The menu is small and specialized, with meals to suit every taste, including seafood, beef, poultry and vegetarian items, perfectly prepared with tasteful creativity. The dining room is intimate and comfortably elegant. If you’re looking for something different, try the mushroom ravioli with pesto sauce. It will send your taste buds for a whirl.

Dead Eye Dick’s
Dead Eye Dick’s menu offers the freshest seafood, including their signature swordfish and lobster dishes. Their hot butter lobster roll will make you never want to leave. Enjoy homemade soups, an extensive raw bar, creative cocktails, wine and microbrews in their casual dining room or outside on the deck overlooking New Harbor.

Eli’s is a small, relaxed summertime retreat. If your looking for something other than typical “island food,” this is the place to go. Their Asian-inspired comfort food, ethereal bread pudding and watermelon-coconut soup are reasons enough to board the ferry.

Terrapin Taco
Coming to the island but craving Mexican food? Terrapin Taco is the place for you. Their menu offers fresh, affordable food and can accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian diners. Order a massive burrito with their delicious sauces and prepare to fall in love.

Ice Cream Place
After trying any of these delicious restaurants, you may want to top off the night and stop by the Ice Cream Place for a brownie sundae. Not only is their ice cream home made, but so is their hot fudge and whip cream. Their flavors change from day to day, so be sure to visit more than once during your Block Island vacation!

Choose Block Island Accommodations for your Next Vacation

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Block Island Accommodations

Choosing the best place for your vacation is hard, especially when it comes to deciding where to stay. Block Island Accommodations is a magnificent collection of Bed & Breakfast, rental homes, and apartments on Block Island, RI, offering beautiful hilltop lodging and accommodations. You will find nothing short of gracious hospitality, superior service, and comfort in a meadow-like setting that recalls Block Island’s farming tradition. If you are searching for a Rhode Island vacation spot for a family reunion, getaway, wedding, or even your honeymoon, Block Island Accomodations has a house for you!

Block Island Accommodations

Block Island rentals, homes and apartments, are available for reservations May through October. Rooms and suites are up for nightly rentals. With that in mind, booking your rental for next summer should be the first thing you do! All of our rentals are on the same property and just a five minute walk from the beach and town. The cottages are located on a quiet hill where you will have a great view of the ocean and town. With just the sound of the ocean around you, what could be better? If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation then these lodges are the best fit for you!

Choosing a cottage to stay in for your Block Island vacation isn’t too tough with us! We offer five beautiful homes for you to choose from. The Sterling House and Cottage Sweet Cottage are two of the small single family homes. They’re perfect for a couple honeymooning! Both have a large yard and great view of the ocean. The Sterling House has a large apartment, which can be rented out nightly, which would be great for a family vacation. The Cape House is the largest of the single family homes. The kitchen in this house was remodeled in 2008 to modernize it. The Windrose House has a wrap around porch and is perfect for large families coming in whether for a wedding or reunion. The Bellevue House is perfect for any occasion! There’s wonderful hospitality and amazing service. It’s right on top of the hill, the best views of the island are from this house! Whether you’re vacationing for a wedding, family reunion, or a girls weekend out, any of our houses will do!

Block Island Dining

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block island dining

When you are on a vacation you are on a budget and eating is the most important on the list of budgeting. You don’t want to spend too much, but you want a unique experience. Block Island dining offers all of this. Each restaurant is unique and decently priced so that vacationers can dine on a budget.

Block Island Restaurants: The best of Block Island dining

Winfield’s is just off Dodge Street on Block Island RI. It’s under a five minute drive from our rentals. Their meals are inspired by French, Italian, New American, and Asian cuisines. Winfield’s is unique because they feature fresh veggies and farm raised beef and poultry. Knowing your food comes from a local farm makes this place stand out. Supporting local farmers is important and your meal isn’t coming from a mass produced company. While they have a small menu, it is specialized. Eli’s is a small restaurant with Asian inspired meals. They have a vegetarian menu for those who are vegetarian’s or can’t eat meat.

Poor People’s Pub is for people that are on a tight budget and a popular place. The original owners went through a bad economic situation. It’s cheaper for families that need to budget or have picky eaters with them. The PPP also supports our rentals and you Block Island dining experience. The PPP holds events at each of their locations, with special summer menus to go along. The PPP also teams up with local farms and use their produce, including meat and vegetables, which are available during the season. PPP is unique in the fact that they also smoke their own meat on the premises. While they may have a hobo as their logo, don’t be fooled, this place serves award winning chowder and the best mac and cheese you’ll find anywhere!

Finally, the end your night out with your family while on Block Island RI, go down to the Ice Cream Place. It’s the most popular ice cream joint on Block Island and they have unique flavors and sundaes. Block Islands rentals are in close proximity to each of these restaurants and the Ice Cream Place.

Hiking trails on Block Island

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hiking trails on block island

While the beach is definitely a popular place to be when you go on vacation, Block Island offers more than just that. Even though the island is only 10 square miles of land there is plenty of nature trails to walk on Block Island.


Block Island Nature Trails


There are seven trails that add up to 25 miles on Block Island RI. Each trail has a key feature that makes it special such as the view of the ocean or the wildlife. One of the popular trails is the Clay Head Hill Trail. This hiking trail has some of the best views Block Island has to offer. A third of the way down the trail there will be an intersection. If you go right you will go to the beach, if you choose the left trail it will take you to the bluffs on the Northeast Side of the island. The view off the bluffs is something that needs to be experienced in person. In the fall, this trail is a great way to see migratory birds.


The Elizabeth Dickens Trail was named after “the bird lady” of Block Island. She is well known for teaching ornithology and natural history to children as well as starting wildlife conservation on the island. Her trail is made up of mainly a large, open field that goes to the bluff’s edge on the Southeast end of the island, giving you an ocean view. Rodman’s Hollow takes you to the edge of the bluffs also. At the end of this hiking trail a panoramic view of the Atlantic awaits you.


If you are feeling really adventurous, consider hiking the beach. The beach hike takes about 8 hours to complete with two breaks in the shore but is possible to hike around the island. One is at the New Harbor Channel and the other is at the ferry landing in Old Harbor. Just pick a starting point and get going. While most of these trails are a few minutes drive from Block Island Rentals, it’s well worth the time!



The Block Island Ferry Experience

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Block Island Ferry

The Block Island Ferry is the only ferry service that sails to Block Island. Whether you are coming from Pt. Judith, New London, Newport, or Fall River, a scenic voyage awaits you. With frequent departures and a convenient schedule, your trips to and from the island will be easy sailing.

Block Island Ferry in Rhode Island

After a long drive, taking a ferry on the Atlantic is a relaxing experience. Being the only way to reach Block Island, it’s the best excuse to take a moment and admire the passing scenery on the way to your destination. On the ferry you can enjoy a quick snack with the family, a drink with a friend, or walk the outside deck. A ferry voyage can take up to fifty-five minutes, so kick back and enjoy the ocean view.

The ferry takes you to Old Harbor, a historical district in New Shoreham on the eastern side of Block Island. While your car is being unloaded from the ferry, take a walk around Rhode Island’s smallest town and take in the sights. Water Street has an array of shops and restaurants that provide fun for the whole family. When it’s time to wind down, Block Island Bed and Breakfast is only a third of a mile south of town. Being a ten-minute walk or a minute drive from Old Harbor, the location of our Block Island rentals is both beautiful and convenient.

Reserve your place on the ferry. We’ll see you soon!

Preparing for the Beach on Your Block Island Vacation

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Block Island Accommodations

Summer is finally here. Your trip to the beach is right around the corner and there is still plenty of time to book one of many vacation home rentals through Block Island Accommodations. But before you go, make sure you and your family are prepared for this year’s vacation. With bathing suits in stow and a snack arsenal for the beach, you’re well on your way to having a relaxing trip in beautiful Block Island.

Beach Activities for your Block Island Vacation

Block Island, RI is the perfect relaxation spot. Take an early morning stroll in time to catch a breathtaking view of the sunrise and, while you’re at it, feel free to explore the seventeen miles of shore that surrounds the island. Clayhead Beach is perfect for hunting rocks and shells and makes for a great group activity. At Coastguard Beach, enjoy the softer currents and the warm water for comfortable swimming. Popular with moms and toddlers, Baby Beach is a part of Crescent Beach and has shallow water safe for the kids to enjoy. No matter your vacation needs, Block Island has options for you.

Your entire vacation doesn’t have to be in the seat of a beach chair. Block Island has an array of shops and restaurants for the days you’re not in the mood for parasailing or jet skiing. Find the perfect gift for yourself or someone back home, or enjoy a family dinner at one of several restaurants available on the island. While the warm weather is still here, choose one of our home rentals, pack your bags, and enjoy a Block Island vacation with your friends and family.

Block Island rentals for two

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Block island vacation home rental

Planning a getaway with your significant other and don’t know where to go? Block Island RI is the perfect destination. It’s hard to find a vacation destination that isn’t crowded with other people getting in your way or making your experience less private. Block Island rentals are the perfect choice when you want to slip away and have some alone time with the one you love.


Block Island rentals for your getaway


Whether you’re looking for a trip full of adventure or relaxation or a little bit of both, Block Island rentals can accommodate all your desires. From trips to the spa to trips down the trail, you’re bound to find something amazing to do while at your vacation home rental on Block Island with your significant other.

Nothing says relaxation like a day at the spa. Couples massages and facials that melt all your troubles away. It’s a great way to start or end the day with your loved one, allowing for the special alone time that you might not have time for at home. When you book a Block Island vacation rental, you can score amazing deals so you can pamper like a movie star without the five star prices.

Maybe you’re looking for a great escape into nature. If you and your significant other are up for some adventure for two, there are plenty of activities to feed your appetite. Take out bike rentals around town for some exploring or easy access to the beach and shopping. You can rent a kayak and take your own tour on the water. There’s also parasailing, boating, and hiking to keep you occupied on your vacation. When you’re ready to end your day of leisure, there are endless dining options from a casual dinner at a tavern to elegant fine dining for two. Whichever you choose, there’s bound to be a great selection of delicious entrees.

Block Island rentals are the perfect place to getaway to when you need that special time with a loved one. If you just want a few days to relax on the beach or a week full of fun and trying something new, you’re going to the right place.

The ocean and Block Island vacations

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Block Island vacations

The ocean is one of the most beautiful things that Mother Nature has to offer. It is full of some of the most interesting and stunning creatures on the planet and can offer the most amazing activities. Some ocean creatures are rich with bright vibrant colors and some are so foreign looking that you may question how they really exist. The ocean wildlife near Block Island RI is absolutely beautiful, because the shores of the Atlantic are just steps away from your vacation home.

Block Island vacations

Imagine that you are taking a walk on the beautiful white beach while staring into the deep blue ocean, and you come across a tide pool filled with all different types of sea creatures. These tide pools are only one of the variations the lovely island has to offer. Each tide pool is filled with a new surprise for you and your kids to discover. Block Island vacation home rentals are always sure to show off the better side of the beach. As always, vacationers can expect to see the occasional crab, sand dollars, sea glass, and maybe even a dolphin swimming around in the distance. The ocean can be unpredictable in its beauty, offering vacationers new excitement each time they grace its shore.

     Block Island is located on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, which is home to not only sights to see, but also endless activities to partake in. Whether you’re up for an adventure or simply want to relax with a book in the sands, there’s something for everybody. There is the always classic parasailing; there is no better way to see how blue and beautiful the ocean really than from above. There is also paddle boarding, this is becoming a new and fun trend, and it also doubles as a fantastic workout. Also while on vacation you can’t forget about the classics. Both surfing and boogey-boarding will bring parents right back to their childhood and will also allow children to have a great time all while knowing they will never get board. Block Island activities extend with the best in kayaking, sailing and even fishing. There’s never a dull moment with this much to offer. Along the beach is the perfect place for a vacation with activities for whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for. Block Island hotels and vacation homes are known for being unforgettable, the pristine shores of the beach and all that it offers are just an added bonus.

Block Island vacation home rental for your family

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Block Island Bed & Breakfast | RI Home Rentals

Nothing is more picturesque than a house right near the beach with beautiful sand and activities for all of the family to enjoy. A Block Island home rental has all of the beach houses you’ve ever dreamed of to make that picture become a reality. Block Island is located a convenient 2 hour drive from Boston and New York City while only a short 45 minutes from Providence and Hartford. Block Island is the ideal family vacation destination because even though it close, once you arrive, it’s like everything else in life is a world away. Packing up the whole family, driving to the airport, trying to make your flight, all while trying to make sure you children are still right there with you is not the best way to start off a family vacation. The ease and convenience of driving a short ways to your destination is one the reasons Block Island is so ideal.

Block Island vacation home rental made easy

Whether you reside in the NYC and Boston metro areas, or even in Connecticut, a family vacation home rental from Block Island Accommodations will make you feel at home. All of our homes are family friendly, within a close walk of 5 minutes to the beach. Cooking facilities are available for those personal days when all you want to do is enjoy a fun, private meal with your family. The option of custom packages and incredible discounts make it hard to say no. The pressures of trying to find a vacation home that will please everyone in your family is a task that every parent can relate to, and one that is sure to cause stress. However, with a Block Island home rental that is no longer a problem. Considering the great selection of homes to choose from that range in size, we know that your family will find the perfect fit whether it’s a family of 4 or 10. Block Island will give you that break from your hectic schedule of balancing work with play and squeezing in time for the family. The beaches are beautiful, there are endless activities to take advantage of, and the homes we have put you right in the middle of it all.

Pick Block Island for your honeymoon

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vacation home rental for your honeymoon

A vacation home rental on Block Island for your honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a special occasion. It is meant to be the picture-perfect time to connect with the person you love and start your life together. The last thing you want to do is stress about your plans. A Rhode Island home rental for your honeymoon is the right choice for you and your special someone.

Vacation home rentals on Block Island

Renting a vacation home on Block Island is the perfect start to your marriage. A honeymoon is meant to be spent one on one with the person you love. Traveling to a crowded resort and staying in a busy hotel is not exactly the picture of romance. When you book a Block Island home rental, you get a private home for you and your loved one to share. Stay for the week or even just for a weekend for a romantic getaway.

A vacation home rental on Block Island is especially stress free if you live in the New York City metro area or Boston metro area, as it is only a short 2-hour drive away. Don’t worry about buying expensive plane tickets and outrageous travel fees, and start planning how you’re going to spend your days away with your new life partner. When you stay on Block Island, there’s always something to do. Ride bikes around town, spend the day on the beach, or even enjoy an afternoon at the spa.

You should be pampered and stress-free during your honeymoon. Don’t let the anxiety of planning the perfect honeymoon get in the way of this amazing time in your life. You have the rest of your lives together, but only one honeymoon. Make the right choice, and book a home rental on Block Island, and leave the stress up to the professionals.