Block Island Tourism: Rodman’s Hollow

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block island tourism

There is a lot that can be accomplished or seen on Block Island RI when you visit or take a relaxing, fun-filled vacation. There are plenty of nature trails and beaches to explore. One of the most popular spots on the island is Rodman’s Hollow. It’s easy to access and provides a wonderful view.

Rodman’s Hollow Tops Block Island Tourism

While on the Greenway Trail on Block Island you’ll usually come to this little spot first. This spot is actually a nature preserve and is quite a popular spot. The main trail runs south and will eventually take you to the bluffs and provide an ocean view. While on your Rhode Island vacation this should definitely be a spot to check out and hike on. This piece of land on Block Island has been preserved for over 30 years now and was one of the first spots to start conservation on the island.

While in this area of land you will get to see the natural beauty of the island. There is a state endangered plant call the Bushy Rockrose and you can find the largest population of this plant on Block Island. If you visit in mid-May, you’ll get to see these beautiful flowers bloom. You’ll get to see the Northern Harrier in this area too. They feed and nest in this area of the island. Next time you plan your vacation, consider our Block Island rentals so that you can be close to nature!