Block Island Race Week 2015

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block island race week 2015

Each year, the biggest, longest-running boat regatta on this side of the Atlantic takes place this time of year: Block Island Race Week 2015. This year’s events run from June 21 to June 26 with plenty to offer in what you can do. This year is the 50th anniversary of the events, making it the biggest ever! Book your Rhode Island vacation so that you can attend this magnificent event this year or next.

What You Can Do at Race Week

The Storm Trysail Club puts this event together each year and create multiple events to attend. Race Week 2015 will consist of days with multiple races, shore side activities, and a Round the Island Race. New initiatives will be added with new classes of boats that will be invited to race. An emphasis on environmental awareness and the youth will start, block island ri being a good place to start these activities. This year’s Race Week will include another first for the Storm Trysail Club. Their goal is to make this regatta more environmentally sustainable event. In doing so, they will follow protocols outlined by the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta.

Saturday is when you can go in and get yourself and your boat weighed-in and ready to go at Narragansett Inn. Sunday is when practice starts and races begin. At the end, there will be a welcoming party at the Race Week Tent. You can purchase raffle tickets and on Thursday, June 25, they will do the drawings. Each day consists of a sponsors race day:

  • Monday: Caithness Energy Race Day
  • Tuesday: Vineyard Vines Race Day
  • Wednesday: North Sails Race Day
  • Thursday: Mount Gay Race Day
  • Friday: Deepwater Wind Race Day

Each day during Block Island Race Week, you are sure to find events for families and boaters alike. If you choose to stay within the Block Island Rentals you will get a great view of the boats in the harbor and the ones racing around the island. It’s a view you can’t get anywhere else!

Block Island Tourism: Rodman’s Hollow

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block island tourism

There is a lot that can be accomplished or seen on Block Island RI when you visit or take a relaxing, fun-filled vacation. There are plenty of nature trails and beaches to explore. One of the most popular spots on the island is Rodman’s Hollow. It’s easy to access and provides a wonderful view.

Rodman’s Hollow Tops Block Island Tourism

While on the Greenway Trail on Block Island you’ll usually come to this little spot first. This spot is actually a nature preserve and is quite a popular spot. The main trail runs south and will eventually take you to the bluffs and provide an ocean view. While on your Rhode Island vacation this should definitely be a spot to check out and hike on. This piece of land on Block Island has been preserved for over 30 years now and was one of the first spots to start conservation on the island.

While in this area of land you will get to see the natural beauty of the island. There is a state endangered plant call the Bushy Rockrose and you can find the largest population of this plant on Block Island. If you visit in mid-May, you’ll get to see these beautiful flowers bloom. You’ll get to see the Northern Harrier in this area too. They feed and nest in this area of the island. Next time you plan your vacation, consider our Block Island rentals so that you can be close to nature!

Block Island Recreation

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biking block island RI

There’s plenty to do on Block Island besides going to the beach. You want to have fun while on vacation along with relaxing. Here are a few ideas for what you can do at Block Island RI while you are on vacation and enjoying your time.

Get the most out of Block Island

1. Biking

Block Island consists of multiple trails to bike on as well as hike on. If you reserve your Block Island rentals with us you’ll receive a couch upon arrival for bicycle pick up! And, it’s only 5 minutes away in town! Biking on Block Island is the best way to experience and see Block Island as it’s meant to be. You can start a trail in town and go up to the Southeast Light and travel around the Mohegan Bluffs before coming back to town.

2. Skydiving

Want to try something completely new and bold? Try skydiving over Block Island. The view will be so worth it and it will be a chance taken in a beautiful place. Skydive over one of the most unique skydiving spots on your Rhode Island vacation!

3. Kayaking

There’s no better way to see the island than by kayaking around it. Kayaking is good for anyone- those who have never done it to the kayaking experts. It’s a new way to see the bluffs of the island and explore the beauty on the water. If you’re trying to also keep up your exercise regimen this is a good way to do it. It’s a calming experience and you still get to be in the ocean. It offers a new perspective to those looking for an adventerous taste of Block Island.

Your vacation can be full of daring and new experiences. With all the Block Island has to offer, it’s hard to pass up a getaway with us!

Block Island Vacations: 4 Seasons of Fun

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The Block Island

Block Island RI is one of the best vacation destinations because no matter the season, there’s always fun to be had. Whether you visit us in the warm days of summer or the chilly nights of fall, we have endless activities to offer.


What to expect from Block Island Vacations



Of course summer is the ideal time for a vacation. You and the kids have time to get away from everyday life, which is why Block Island has a ton of popular activities such as:

  • 4th of July annual celebration
  • August triathlon
  • Blues on the Beach concerts
  • Art and music festivals


Since fall is considered to be vacation down time, you’ll be able to experience more fun at less cost. Fall is a beautiful season on Block Island, where you can participate in things like:

  • September’s 15k Run Around the Block
  • The Motoring Event
  • Soapbox Derby
  • Glass Floats Treasure Hunt


Although it’s cold and the weather may not be to your liking, the winter has its own offerings on Block Island, including:

  • Christmas Shopping Stroll over Thanksgiving weekend
  • The Polar Plunge on New Year’s day
  • The Groundhog Day census



Much like fall, spring is a quieter time, but no less exciting! There are plenty of perks to taking a Block Island vacation during this season:

  • A Taste of Block Island weekends
  • The Shad Bloom Race
  • Food festivals


Not to mention the unplanned adventures you’ll get into during your stay with our Block Island rentals!

Your Destination Wedding on Block Island

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destination wedding block island RI

Block Island is a great choice for a destination wedding when you don’t want to travel far and want breathtaking views. You can get this and more without breaking the bank. Block Island Accommodations offers amazing views and rentals where all of your guests can stay so they won’t need to travel far. With a place to stay and get married at without leaving the property, you can have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Block Island Destination Wedding

A wedding on the beach is one of the most sought after dream weddings. But you also need to make accommodations and plans for this wedding. Guests will need a place to stay and somewhere close and inexpensive. Block Island RI can offer multiple resources to ensure your wedding will be done your way and easy. There are multiple catering companies on Block Island that are available to you. A few of them are Block Island Gourmet and Catering by Kimberly. There are plenty of other options to choose from. Florists aren’t hard to find on Block Island and each offer good deals for your wedding flowers. There’s only one music provider on Block Island but you can easily call them or find someone else you want. Then, before the big day you and your bridesmaids can go to one of the local spas on the island and have a relaxing day before the big day!

As always, your favorite block island rentals company is right here. The Bellevue house, our largest, is here to accommodate big families so that the whole family can spend the time together. Just a short walk from the beach is the best part or you can choose to get married right on the cliffs. Either way, your big day will be unforgettable. Everybody involved in your wedding will always remember your wedding on Block Island.