Block Island Recreation

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biking block island RI

There’s plenty to do on Block Island besides going to the beach. You want to have fun while on vacation along with relaxing. Here are a few ideas for what you can do at Block Island RI while you are on vacation and enjoying your time.

Get the most out of Block Island

1. Biking

Block Island consists of multiple trails to bike on as well as hike on. If you reserve your Block Island rentals with us you’ll receive a couch upon arrival for bicycle pick up! And, it’s only 5 minutes away in town! Biking on Block Island is the best way to experience and see Block Island as it’s meant to be. You can start a trail in town and go up to the Southeast Light and travel around the Mohegan Bluffs before coming back to town.

2. Skydiving

Want to try something completely new and bold? Try skydiving over Block Island. The view will be so worth it and it will be a chance taken in a beautiful place. Skydive over one of the most unique skydiving spots on your Rhode Island vacation!

3. Kayaking

There’s no better way to see the island than by kayaking around it. Kayaking is good for anyone- those who have never done it to the kayaking experts. It’s a new way to see the bluffs of the island and explore the beauty on the water. If you’re trying to also keep up your exercise regimen this is a good way to do it. It’s a calming experience and you still get to be in the ocean. It offers a new perspective to those looking for an adventerous taste of Block Island.

Your vacation can be full of daring and new experiences. With all the Block Island has to offer, it’s hard to pass up a getaway with us!